Unplugging And Game Playing

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Kids are from Krypton; Parents are from Pluto Radio Series Update June 24: Today’s topic is near and dear to my heart. I am dismayed about the fact that so many families no longer spend time playing cards and board games. With video games being all the rage, the board games have been relegated to yard sales or top shelves of closets. Well, bring them down from the shelves or go buy them at the... 

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Ask Dr. Vicki: Self Soothing

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QUESTION: I recently read an article you wrote about babies and self-soothing. It was sent to me by the mother of my first grandchild. I am a bit concerned about her interpretation of the self soothing techniques you mentioned. Is it necessary for a 10 week old baby to cry for 15 to 20 minutes, multiple times each day to self-sooth? And during these self-soothing times is it advisible to leave the... 

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Mom! There’s Nothing To Do!

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Kids are from Krypton, Parents are from Pluto Radio Series Update June 17: What to do when you hear: “Mom, there’s nothing to do.” (Part 2) Hope you had a chance to have your kids work on their dream boards this week. If not, it’s a great project to do for Father’s Day! What a meaningful gift—presenting dad with posters of their kids’ dreams. Additionally, this week I introduced... 

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Papa Bear

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I found this delightful story in Readers Digest: My husband’s cousin married a former Marine who now works for United Parcel Service. They bought their four-year-old son two stuffed bears — one in a UPS uniform and the other in Marine garb. When the boy seemed confused, his father brought out a picture of himself in full Marine dress. “See, Connor?” he explained, pointing to... 

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Creating a Vision Board with Your Kids

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Vision boards with your kids

Kids are from Krypton; Parents are from Pluto radio series update: June 10, 2010: What to do when you hear: “Mom, there’s nothing to do.” School is out—and for the last couple of weeks, we have been focusing on ways to spend time with your kids; last week we discussed lots of fun activities to do—on the cheap. But even all the fun things you mentioned, like going to the zoo, baking... 

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Family Movie Party!

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I have the privilege of being the parenting specialist for Nickelodeon’s website, parentsconnect.com. This week, they are giving away DVD’s, Director’s Chairs and Tubs of Popcorn at our Movie Party. Tune in June 9th. If you miss this event, there are lots of others coming up very soon. Go to parentsconnect.com and sign up for their free newsletter so you will be notified of all... 

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Kids Across / Parents Down

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“Kids Across/Parents Down” is the #1 family crossword in newspaper syndication. Created by Jan Buckner Walker, the puzzle–with down clues geared to parents and across clues geared to kids–encourages families to have fun together. It’s an entertaining, educational puzzle for kids ages 5-13. Kids Across/Parents Down gets parents actively involved and draws young people... 

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Time With The Kids On The Cheap

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Kids Are From Krypton Parents Are From Pluto radio series update June 3: Spending time with your kids doesn’t have to cost a lot. The important thing is spending some time with your kids. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate activity and it doesn’t have to cost much money. It’s the time together that’s priceless. Here are some freebies or inexpensive activities you can do: Free matinee... 

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Are You Nurturing Your Children’s Dreams?

American Idol Top Ten 2010

Well, the American Idol 2010 has been revealed! For those of you who are not familiar with this show, it is a vocal talent show to choose the most talented singer in America. To the winner goes a million dollar music contract and international exposure. Starting out with about 10,000 hopefuls, the top 24 are chosen and then each one is eliminated until the top 10 are chosen. These talented singers... 

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