Addiction to Video Games is Hazardous to Your Children’s Health!

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video addict

Addiction to video games and the excessive use of video games was posted on CNN Health Chat today: Here’s what the article had to say about “addiction to video games”: When it comes to playing video games, it seems moderation is important to a child’s mental health. A new study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics finds excessive gaming may lead to depression, anxiety,... 

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Should Children Remember to Brush Their Teeth?

Group toothbrushing?  Well, teenagers do like doing things in groups!

Group toothbrushing? Well, teenagers do like doing things in groups! Dear Dr. Vicki : When do kids start brushing their teeth without reminders?? Dr. Vicki’s response: This is a very common parenting question…which should tell you something.  There are some things that it seems many children needs reminders way into their teens. Here are my top 5 grooming reminders:  Brush teeth; brush hair;... 

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Should Parents Tolerate Teenage Sarcasm?

"Ahhhh, duh!"

"Ahhhh, duh!" Dear Dr. Vicki:  How do I cut through what appears to be 14 year old hormonal sarcasm? Dr. Vicki’s response:  With teenagers, the best thing to do with sarcasm is to ignore it.  Second best thing to do it ignore it.  Do you want to hear the next one? Seriously, particularly at this age, it is so important to pick and choose your battles.  In the big scheme of things,... 

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Effects of cyberbullying–a real threat to your children!

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Is your child falling prey to cyberbullying?

  Is your child falling prey to cyberbullying? KIDS ARE FROM KRYPTON, PARENTS ARE FROM PLUTO: Radio update Nov. 11: Today we turned to a more serious topic than in the past several shows. The effects of cyberbullying was the topic…and stressing the insidiousness of this kind of bullying was the main message. The “effects of cyberbullying” are not just about namecalling and teaching... 

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How many teens does it take to change a light bulb??

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light bulb teens

That was the question I posted on Facebook and Twitter. And what started out as a joke, turned into a very interesting set of responses and conversation. Belinda’s response: One, he holds the light bulb and expects the world to revolve around him. That was what I was going to say. So, then I offered these two: 12—they always travel in groups; and, “Huh?” Levi’s idea: None they know if they... 

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Giving Teens A Chance: Is Curvy The New Skinny?


Thin is not in at Paris Fashion Week (as seen on ‘omg! from Yahoo’) After many years of international criticism over the apparent unhealthiness of the skinny models chosen to walk the runways at the fashion world’s most elite shows in New York, Milan, and Paris, designers seem to finally be coming around to the idea of diversity in who models their clothes. While the ethnic diversity... 

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Changes In Girls and Boys In Puberty

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Dear Dr. Vicki, I have a 10-year-old daughter who is already showing signs of puberty. Is this normal? What should I tell her? Dear Dr. Vicki, Although his friends are starting to develop, my twelve-year old son doesn’t have any signs of body changes yet. How do I explain this to him? Dr. Vicki’s advice: Puberty is an issue with which most parents experience some degree of difficulty. It... 

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Teenage Body-Piercing


Dear Dr. Vicki, Help! My 14-year-old daughter wants to get a body piercing! I think they are disgusting! Dr. Vicki’s response: It seems that every generation has to find some “new” way to express themselves; in this day and age, tattoos and body piercings seem to be in vogue. It is important to convey to your child what your concerns are and why you are unwilling to give her your... 

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Crash Brings Seat Belt Warnings

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Two Brevard teens in a fatal wreck didn’t buckle up. Melbourne child psychologist Dr. Vicki Panaccione said parents shouldn’t underestimate the impact of a teenager’s death among surviving classmates—even those unacquainted with the deceased. “Teenagers are feeling invincible. They’re growing into independence and into their own autonomy,” she said. “If they’ve experienced... 

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Programs Encourage Good Decisions

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It happens all too often. Whether it’s a quick trip to meet friends for breakfast or a late night out at a party, what teenagers may picture as a harmless good time can become a parent’s nightmare. Regardless of the cause, two teens lost their lives, something every parent dreads. Experts say there are some actions that parents can take to keep their kids safe as they encounter peer pressure and... 

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