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    iPhone Rules

    A thirteen year old boy never thought about iPhone rules when he begged his parents for his own phone. His Christmas present was what he wanted, but with a “catch”. In fact, 18 “catches”.  A list of iPhone rules stating the terms and conditions under which he was able to use and keep the phone.... [Read more ⇒]

    texting friends

    Is Texting Friends Socially Delaying Our Kids?

    Is texting friends a good thing? Does texting and other technology have a downside? I think that everyone would agree that there are concerns about sexting and cyber bullying. However, many parents feel that these issues don’t apply to their kids; after all, they are just texting friends! But I have... [Read more ⇒]

    Teenage sexting

    Teenage Sexting: A Language All Its Own

     Following my blog on Teenage Sexting, I have had numerous requests from parents for acronyms to BOLO—Be On the Lookout. Your teens and tweens have a new language all their own, in the form of symbols and abbreviations that they are constantly texting to one another. As a parent, it’s important... [Read more ⇒]

    Parenting and Passion…Not Mutually Exclusive (Part 2)

    Making time for each other You plan everything else in your day—when to get up, take the kids to school, doctor’s appt, hair appt (what’s that?), grocery shopping, cooking, homework time, nap time, sports practices….  Are these all important?  You bet! You also plan family fun activities,... [Read more ⇒]

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