Teasing: When To Draw the Line

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Until recently, boys teasing girls in school was something that girls usually had to chalk up to experience. Complain and they often got a “boys will be boys” response. But these days, as young girls become more attuned to their rights, chronic name calling, hair pulling, pinching and other forms of taunting are being perceived as sexual harassment. Dr. Vicki Panaccione is a licensed psychologist... 

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Changes in Girls During Puberty

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When puberty hits, parents ask: “Who is this kid?” Ask anybody who has been through it, especially changes in girls during puberty and they will tell you: Puberty is vicious. We’re not talking about the kids going through puberty here, we’re talking about the changes that parents go through. There’s no shock like changes parents experience when their boy or girl becomes a teenager,... 

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Summer Learning

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Dear Dr. Vicki, My friends say they need to keep their kids doing worksheets over the summer so they start the new school year on a good foot. My son cries and yells through the whole thing. He could really use the review but is it worth the torment? We all have to do things in life we don’t want to do, but is this one of them? What is the best thing a parent can do to prepare their child for... 

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Are We Paying Attention to Deficit Disorder? A Disorder Too Often is Missed

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Teachers are constantly telling them to pay attention, sit still and try harder. These students often are trying hard. Very hard. But they are constantly battling themselves. The problem: a disability that is invisible because people see only the handicap. Children labeled hyper, lazy or even slow learners often have a neurological chemical imbalance called “Attention Deficit Disorder.” “I... 

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A Moving Experience

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Relocation creates major stress for some. Mental health experts say uprooting your family and moving to another city is one of the most stressful experiences you’ll endure—right under death and divorce, but ahead of taking out a mortgage or having trouble with your boss. “Relocation creates major stress,” said child psychologist Vicki Panaccione. “It changes many other things... 

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Attack on Self: Personality Disorder Victims are Driven to Injury

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Self-injury, sometimes called self mutilation, is difficult to talk about. People who do it to themselves feel ashamed. Often, they don’t know why they do it—their explanations are simply that they were feeling bad and looking for attention. Child psychologist Vicki Panaccione of Melbourne said it is not very common in her practice but she does see it. “Children who are hurting themselves…it... 

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