Prescription for Danger

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Kids are under the dangerously false impression that prescription medications carry less risk than illegal drugs bought on the street. Expert say teenagers are often willing to take any medication as long as it produces an altered state. An incredibly risky trend in prescription drug abuse is poly-drugging; taking a combination of prescription medications at the same time or taking them while consuming... 

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Moms Break the News

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Take a breather Brevard psychologist Vicki Panaccione says it’s critical mothers take care of themselves, as well as the others around them. “First and foremost, it sends a clear message that you are important,” Panaccione says. “That you are not simply someone who takes care of others, but someone who also takes care of herself.” In addition, mothers who take care of... 

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React With Tact

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At some point in a parent’s life, they all do it. And in this case, “they” means the kids. Set on pushing the limit—and every emotional button possible—children will pull items off a store shelf. They’ll argue with their siblings, fight in the backseat or talk back. And then, after asking them to stop a million times, threatening to turn off the television or pull the car over, the parent... 

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Child Abuse Radio Spots

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Did you ever notice that you yell at your kids more when you’ve had a bad day? When you’re tired? Don’t feel well? When you walk in the door and lash out at your kids, they’re not really the problem. The real culprit is emotional overload. You are stressed and need an outlet. Find time for yourself: take a hot bath, call a friend, listen to music, lie down for a while, take a deep breather,... 

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