Lack of Friends

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Hello Dr. Vicki: I am concerned about my son, who is 8. He does not have any friends that he plays with on a daily basis. Where we live there are only 2 boys his age (but) they are never home and do not attend the same school. He tells me that there aren’t any kids that he plays with at school. (But) I know he is well liked because when I pick him up, there are a lot of kids saying, “Hi”.... 

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Teenage Body-Piercing

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Dear Dr. Vicki, Help! My 14-year-old daughter wants to get a body piercing! I think they are disgusting! Dr. Vicki’s response: It seems that every generation has to find some “new” way to express themselves; in this day and age, tattoos and body piercings seem to be in vogue. It is important to convey to your child what your concerns are and why you are unwilling to give her your... 

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Mommy, I’m Scared

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Every parent has awakened to this lament. It’s important for parents to realize that a child’s fears are real and shouldn’t be discounted, said Vicki Panaccione, a Melbourne psychologist who works with children. “For younger children, they are in the room by themselves with nothing to occupy them but their own thoughts, which can be very scary,” Panaccione said. “It’s legitimate... 

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Misbehaving In Class

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Dear Dr. Vicki, “I’m having problems with my son’s behavior in the classroom. He doesn’t want to complete his work in class, and he misbehaves in the classroom. I have tried to taking things from him and spanking him for his defiance. It works for a couple of days, and he reverts back to his old ways. He is failing in school (2nd grade) and I’m quite concern for my son’s... 

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Kids Can Behave

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“Want harmony at home? Then focus on good behavior rather than the bad. Another important factor to successful discipline is understanding your child”, said Vicki Panaccione, a Melbourne psychologist and parent coach who writes child development articles focusing on elementary and middle school children. “You need to know your child in order to know how to intervene in their behavior,”... 

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Reading To Your Child

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Dear Dr. Vicki, I have a nine year old son and ten year old daughter, who I still read to before bed every night. My husband thinks they are too old for this because they can now read books themselves. Who’s right? Dr. Vicki’s advice: Actually, you both are. It is wonderful that your children have learned to read and hopefully enjoy reading by themselves for pleasure. That should certainly... 

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