Is Anger OK?

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Teach your kid that anger is okay!

Radio series update April 22: Last week we discussed the importance of getting in touch with your own anger, and ways strategies for dealing with it. This week was all about your kids…why they get angry, how they deal with it and what to do about it. Because kids basically get in trouble for ‘being angry,’ most think that anger is not OK. In other words, it’s bad to be angry. Your job is... 

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Managing Your Anger As a Parent

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Angry Mom

Radio Series Update April 15: What’s so wrong with being angry? A look at anger from the parents’ perspective. The last couple of weeks, we have been discussing how parents sabotage their own authority, by allowing themselves to be doormats, being inconsistent and not following through with what they say. We also noted that while the topic of this segment series is discipline, we haven’t even... 

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My Kids Really Know How To Push My Buttons!

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Kids can really push your buttons!

Radio Series Update April 8: “My kids really know how to push my buttons!” As the title suggests, this week we recognized that your ‘buttons’ are your particular emotional hot spots. If you think back, some of your ‘buttons’ may very well be the same parental buttons you pushed when you were a kid. How your parents responded to certain behaviors of yours, is how you learned to respond... 

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To Spank Or Not To Spank–That Is The Question

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You have probably heard this old Mother Goose rhyme: There was an old woman who lived in a shoe She had so many children she didn’t know what to do. She gave them some broth without any bread, Then whipped them all soundly And put them to bed. Here’s a kinder, gentler alternative of “Old Woman In A Shoe” from Jordan Riak: There was an old woman Who lived in a shoe. She was a kindhearted... 

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Giving Teens A Chance: Is Curvy The New Skinny?

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Thin is not in at Paris Fashion Week (as seen on ‘omg! from Yahoo’) After many years of international criticism over the apparent unhealthiness of the skinny models chosen to walk the runways at the fashion world’s most elite shows in New York, Milan, and Paris, designers seem to finally be coming around to the idea of diversity in who models their clothes. While the ethnic diversity... 

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Kids Are From Krypton Parents Are From Pluto

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Radio show update: Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot! Today’s show focused on some of the major ways that parents undermine their own authority. Before you can effectively discipline your kids, you need to assume a position of respect and authority. However, most parents, particularly moms, have the tendency to sabotage themselves in the following ways: Parents tend to feel that it is more important... 

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