Effects of cyberbullying–a real threat to your children!

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KIDS ARE FROM KRYPTON, PARENTS ARE FROM PLUTO: Radio update Nov. 11: Today we turned to a more serious topic than in the past several shows. Cyberbullying was the topic…and stressing the insidiousness of this kind of bullying was the main message. Bullying is not just about namecalling and teaching your kids, “Sticks and Stones…” This is bullying to extremes…on the Internet and into cyberspace.

How to Stop School Bullying

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How to Stop School Bullying was the focus of a recent blog post on the parentalwisdom.com site. The author and founder of the site, my dear friend, Tina Nocera, has raised two kids and knows a thing or two about how to stop school bullying.   Here are her 3 simple tips: How to stop School […]