iPhone Rules

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A thirteen year old boy never thought about iPhone rules when he begged his parents for his own phone. His Christmas present was what he wanted, but with a “catch”. In fact, 18 “catches”.  A list of iPhone rules stating the terms and conditions under which he was able to use and keep the phone. I think these 18 iPhone rules are something all parents might want to consider when handing an iPhone... 

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Is Texting Friends Socially Delaying Our Kids?

texting friends

Is texting friends a good thing? Does texting and other technology have a downside? I think that everyone would agree that there are concerns about sexting and cyber bullying. However, many parents feel that these issues don’t apply to their kids; after all, they are just texting friends! But I have become concerned about another issue regarding all this technology…the subtle changes in friendships... 

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Teenage Sexting: A Language All Its Own

Teenage sexting

 Following my blog on Teenage Sexting, I have had numerous requests from parents for acronyms to BOLO—Be On the Lookout. Your teens and tweens have a new language all their own, in the form of symbols and abbreviations that they are constantly texting to one another. As a parent, it’s important for you to become savvy to the kinds of messages that may be a cause for alarm. After searching... 

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Parenting and Passion…Not Mutually Exclusive (Part 2)

Making time for each other You plan everything else in your day—when to get up, take the kids to school, doctor’s appt, hair appt (what’s that?), grocery shopping, cooking, homework time, nap time, sports practices….  Are these all important?  You bet! You also plan family fun activities, like going to the zoo, the park, a movie, play dates, trips, etc.  Are these all important? ... 

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Passionate Partners make Better Parents

Your kids learn how to love by watching you love each other Valentine’s Day is upon us—the one day a year we are supposed to profess our love for our mate. One day a year? What are the other 364 days for? Well, I’ll tell you what they are for… Lots of affection, intimacy and passion! So, why is a child psychologist giving marital advice? Because over the past 25 years, I have worked... 

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Valentines Day for Children

Valentines Day for Children 2

  Valentines Day for Children can be a happy time or a conflicted one. Here are a couple of Ask Dr. Vicki questions I have received over the past year: Does my child have to give a valentine to everyone in the class? Dr. Vicki’s comments: Valentines Day for children means being nice to everyone, even if you don’t like them! Generally, in the younger grades, kids are encouraged to give valentines... 

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New Year’s Resolution Ideas

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New Year's Resolution Ideas

Of all the new year’s resolution ideas out there, the one I like the most is the idea of taking responsibility for how this year will unfold. I believe that each year is a new chapter in the book of Opportunity. Now that the new year has begun…today, and every day, is a chance to write in the book of Opportunity and fill in the blank pages with your own words—of ideas, dreams, goals and emotions.... 

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Preventing Childhood Abductions

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Childhood abductions

Childhood abductions are being reported more and more on the evening news, and the terrifying prospect of abduction fills the minds of parents across the country. But it’s important to remember that the majority of children will pass through childhood safely. One of the challenges of being a parent is to teach your children to be cautious without filling them with too much fear or anxiety. Although... 

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Gratitude is an Attitude

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Gratitude is an attitude

Gratitude is an attitude…each and every day! You are a parent.  And no matter how tough it gets, or how hard it may be to raise your kids, at the end of the day you are still a parent.  Would you trade that for the world?  Sometimes it takes a day like Thanksgiving to compel us to stop, give thanks for what we have and remind ourselves that gratitude is an attitude.  This is not a day to... 

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How to Stop School Bullying

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How to Stop School Bullying

How to Stop School Bullying was the focus of a recent blog post on the parentalwisdom.com site. The author and founder of the site, my dear friend, Tina Nocera, has raised two kids and knows a thing or two about how to stop school bullying.   Here are her 3 simple tips: How to stop School Bullying 1.   Help kids feel so good about themselves that teasing won’t faze them!  Tina... 

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