Valentines Day for Children

Valentines Day for Children 2

  Valentines Day for Children can be a happy time or a conflicted one. Here are a couple of Ask Dr. Vicki questions I have received over the past year: Does my child have to give a valentine to everyone in the class? Dr. Vicki’s comments: Valentines Day for children means being nice to everyone, even if you don’t like them! Generally, in the younger grades, kids are encouraged to give valentines... 

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Help! My son’s becoming an Internet Kid!

Internet kid

Internet kid is the term I give to any child who is turning to the Internet more and more for social interaction, information and entertainment.  That sums up many of the kids of today.  But what to do when this reliance on the Internet becomes a substitution for parenting?  Here’s one mom’s dilemma and my advice about her Internet kid: Dear Dr. Vicki:  I am a single mom of 2 boys... 

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Valentine’s Day for Mom: Single or Pregnant or Stay-at-Home

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Valentines Day for Mom 1

  Valentine’s Day for Mom: Stay-at-Home How can my husband and I have a good Valentine’s Day when we have to stay in?  Dr. Vicki’s response: Well, your Valentine’s Day for Mom scenario begins with defining what ‘staying in’ means.  Since this is a family site, you will have to use your imagination for any answer over PG! “Staying in” can range from being... 

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Postpartum Blues or Exhaustion?

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Postpartum Blues

Dear Dr. Vicki: I’m a new mom of Kay, 3 mos.  I’m also a working mom.  Since my maternal leave is over, I’ve been feeling so worn out.  I also feel shock for this overwhelmed feeling. What should I do?  Shouldn’t a mother feel happy always for the presence of the new baby? Why am I always drowning with the overwhelmed feeling?  Really need your advice… -New Mom- ... 

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Child development is like climbing the stairs

Dear Dr. Vicki: I know that there are certain child development stages that all children go through.  But what if my child hasn’t reached that stage and her friends the same age have? Dr. Vicki’s response: I like to think of child development as climbing a staircase, with each step representing a series of tasks to work on and master before going on to the next step. All children climb the stairs,... 

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Crying may be a sign of overload in children

Dear Dr. Vicki: I have two children a 6 year old and a two year old. The 6 year old seems to cry for anything. He cries when he has to do his homework, when he has to take a shower, etc. I sometimes think he is crying because he sees my 2 year old cry. Why do children cry often like mine? I don’t understand. He doesn’t listen. Even his Kinder teacher is having problems with him doing his... 

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Should Children Remember to Brush Their Teeth?

Group toothbrushing? Well, teenagers do like doing things in groups! Dear Dr. Vicki : When do kids start brushing their teeth without reminders?? Dr. Vicki’s response: This is a very common parenting question…which should tell you something.  There are some things that it seems many children needs reminders way into their teens. Here are my top 5 grooming reminders:  Brush teeth; brush hair;... 

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Should Parents Tolerate Teenage Sarcasm?

"Ahhhh, duh!" Dear Dr. Vicki:  How do I cut through what appears to be 14 year old hormonal sarcasm? Dr. Vicki’s response:  With teenagers, the best thing to do with sarcasm is to ignore it.  Second best thing to do it ignore it.  Do you want to hear the next one? Seriously, particularly at this age, it is so important to pick and choose your battles.  In the big scheme of things,... 

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Parents Dealing with Teenage Behavior

How much do you like playing tug of war?         Dear Dr. Vicki:      I have a 15 yr old daughter, 12 year old son and a 9 month old little girl. My oldest daughter has always been head strong and demanding, so her teenage issues seemed like “typical” stuff. My 12 year old son who was always the laid-back/ helpful, wants to please son is now morphing into a child who is disrespectful,... 

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Advantages of Being Older Parents

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Dear Dr. Vicki: My husband and I want to have a child; I’m 46 and he’s 49.  Could you please tell us some of the advantages of being older parents? Dr. Vicki’s response:   Congratulations on making the decision to have a child!  Being parents is about the  best experience a loving couple can have together.  As for being an older parent, it may surprise you to know that about... 

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