Parenting and Passion…Not Mutually Exclusive (Part 2)

Making time for each other You plan everything else in your day—when to get up, take the kids to school, doctor’s appt, hair appt (what’s that?), grocery shopping, cooking, homework time, nap time, sports practices….  Are these all important?  You bet! You also plan family fun activities, like going to the zoo, the park, a movie, play dates, trips, etc.  Are these all important? ... 

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Passionate Partners make Better Parents

Your kids learn how to love by watching you love each other Valentine’s Day is upon us—the one day a year we are supposed to profess our love for our mate. One day a year? What are the other 364 days for? Well, I’ll tell you what they are for… Lots of affection, intimacy and passion! So, why is a child psychologist giving marital advice? Because over the past 25 years, I have worked... 

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New Year’s Resolution Ideas

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New Year's Resolution Ideas

Of all the new year’s resolution ideas out there, the one I like the most is the idea of taking responsibility for how this year will unfold. I believe that each year is a new chapter in the book of Opportunity. Now that the new year has begun…today, and every day, is a chance to write in the book of Opportunity and fill in the blank pages with your own words—of ideas, dreams, goals and emotions.... 

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Girl Tomboy or Boy Wannabe?

girl tomboy

The Girl Tomboy vs. Gender Identity Crisis is the subject of an article in the May 30, 2011 edition of OK! Magazine. Specifically, the boyish appearance of Shiloh Pitt, the daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt  is once again being scrutinized. I bring up this issue not only because I happen to be their featured expert, but also because the issue is making the news lately. Chastity Bono, the daughter... 

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Peer Pressure Facts and Teenage Risks

peer pressure facts

There are many peer pressure facts that most parents think they know.  For instance, hanging around with the wrong crowd seems to have a negative effect on teenagers’ behaviors.  And, a positive effect can also occur when kids hang around peers with high academic, moral and religious standards.  But an effect on the brain? A recent study at Temple University revealed some interesting peer pressure... 

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Styles of Parenting: Life&Style: Too Inflexible

This week on newsstands everywhere, Life&Style Weekly enlisted Dr. Vicki as their parenting expert to comment on the styles of parenting of several celeb parents. Styles of Parenting:  Which one do they choose? Jessica Alba Life&Style synopsis: Jessica Alba admits she’s strict with daughter Honor, 2.  “When it’s time for her to eat, whether she’s coloring or whatever,... 

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Styles of Parenting of the Rich and Famous

styles of parenting 1a

This week on newsstands everywhere, Life&Style Weekly enlisted Dr. Vicki as their parenting expert to comment on the styles of parenting of several celeb parents. Styles of Parenting:  Which one do they choose? Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Life&Style synopsis: Like other Scientologists, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes believe in treating kids like adults.  So, Suri, 4, is allowed to eat unlimited... 

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Selecting Musical Instruments for Children

Musical Instruments for Children 1

Selecting musical instruments for children seems like the responsibility of parents.  Piano seems to be the starter instrument of choice for many parents who have pianos in their home.  But what if your children don’t want to play the piano?  Or, what if they like to plink upon the keys but have no interest in doing more than that?  What’s a parent to do? Playing an instrument has many benefits,... 

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Is Your Toddler a Finicky Eater?

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finicky eater

Whether you call your child a finicky eater, a fussy eater or a picky eater, it all means the same thing…a toddler who went venture outside the comfort zone of a few favorite items.  If you have a toddler who is a finicky eater, don’t despair.  There are many strategies that you can try to help increase her food choices. In a new article on, author Lynn Yoffee looked to clinical... 

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Kids Learning Computers…better with ‘tech’ than life skills

Kids Learning Computers

A new survey of 2200 online mothers of  kids learning computers between two and five years old found that: More young kids can play a computer game than ride a bike. Larry Magid of CNET News reported on Jan. 19, 2011: The Digital Diaries study from Internet security firm AVG said that 58 percent of children aged two to five know how to play a “basic computer game” compared with 52 percent who... 

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