iPhone Rules

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A thirteen year old boy never thought about iPhone rules when he begged his parents for his own phone. His Christmas present was what he wanted, but with a “catch”. In fact, 18 “catches”.  A list of iPhone rules stating the terms and conditions under which he was able to use and keep the phone. I think these 18 iPhone rules are something all parents might want to consider when handing an iPhone... 

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Is Texting Friends Socially Delaying Our Kids?

texting friends

Is texting friends a good thing? Does texting and other technology have a downside? I think that everyone would agree that there are concerns about sexting and cyber bullying. However, many parents feel that these issues don’t apply to their kids; after all, they are just texting friends! But I have become concerned about another issue regarding all this technology…the subtle changes in friendships... 

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Teenage Sexting: A Language All Its Own

Teenage sexting

 Following my blog on Teenage Sexting, I have had numerous requests from parents for acronyms to BOLO—Be On the Lookout. Your teens and tweens have a new language all their own, in the form of symbols and abbreviations that they are constantly texting to one another. As a parent, it’s important for you to become savvy to the kinds of messages that may be a cause for alarm. After searching... 

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Help! My son’s becoming an Internet Kid!

Internet kid

Internet kid is the term I give to any child who is turning to the Internet more and more for social interaction, information and entertainment.  That sums up many of the kids of today.  But what to do when this reliance on the Internet becomes a substitution for parenting?  Here’s one mom’s dilemma and my advice about her Internet kid: Dear Dr. Vicki:  I am a single mom of 2 boys... 

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New Gun Law in Florida Might Land Me in Jail!

Gun Law in Florida

An anticipated new Gun Law in Florida might just land me in jail!  While it is presently setting its sights on medical doctors, particularly pediatricians, it’s only a matter of time before other child specialists, like myself, will be targeted, as well. A law passed by the Florida legislature and likely to be signed by Republican Governor Rick Scott would make it a crime for doctors to counsel... 

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Teenage Sexting

Teenage Sexting

What is Teenage Sexting? Teenage Sexting occurs when a teen takes a flirtatious, nude, semi-nude or otherwise sexually revealing picture of him or herself and sends it to others via cell phone or other means of texting device.  Commonsense.org has created a handout about this important topic.  This blog shares excerpts from that handout, “Common Sense on Talking About ‘Sexting.'” While... 

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Life’s Most Embarrassing Moments

most embarassing moments 2

Do you remember your most embarrassing moments? I’m sure you do. Funny thing about embarrassing moments…they aren’t usually funny for the person experiencing them. And, they stay with you… not necessarily for the good. Upon recalling an embarrassing moment, many people will immediately get red in the face and feel as though they are reliving it all over again. Most of us remember our most embarrassing... 

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Tired of your kids texting and gaming?

Kids Texting

Are your kids texting, gaming and listening to music all the time? Well, a NY mom finally said, “Enough!” and actually unplugged her 3 teenagers for not a day, a week or a month…but for six months! She not only stopped her kids texting, video gaming and iPod listening, but also all Internet, TV and cell phones! Amazing thing started to happen. They started eating meals together, playing cards,... 

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Peer Pressure Facts and Teenage Risks

peer pressure facts

There are many peer pressure facts that most parents think they know.  For instance, hanging around with the wrong crowd seems to have a negative effect on teenagers’ behaviors.  And, a positive effect can also occur when kids hang around peers with high academic, moral and religious standards.  But an effect on the brain? A recent study at Temple University revealed some interesting peer pressure... 

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Teenager Talks–Will Parents Listen?


The Shine User post: Parenting — Things every parent needs to hear from a teen’s point of view by Anna, on Fri Dec 31, 2010 7:58pm PST Hello, my name is Anna, and I’m a teen. Every week I see posts on here about parenting, and how to “deal” with teens. The problem is that these posts are all written by adults. I’m not saying that they don’t know what they’re... 

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