Parents Want Consistent School Policy On Bullying

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Unfortunately, everyone faces some sort of teasing or unpleasant remarks during their lifetime and it is important for children to learn how to appropriately react without resorting to violence.

Vicki Panaccione, a licensed child psychologist who specializes in clinical and school psychology, said dealing with bullies is one of the most difficult, but important, parts of growing up.

“You don’t want to run and fix everything for your child(ren) every time they come to you,” Panaccione said. “You want to listen to them and see the situation through their eyes…You want to help give them tools for dealing with the bully, but you shouldn’t immediately try to fix it.”

It is important for children to develop coping skills and the confidence to deal with problems, she added. Children whose parents resolve their problems all the time can receive an unspoken message that they aren’t able to deal with anything on their own. The message may have long-term effects as the children grow up and encounter adult problems mom and dad can’t fix.

On the other hand, if a child feels tormented and powerless to do anything about the situation, parents should support them, Panaccione said.

She suggested parents give them tips on how to handle bullies. Parents can send a note to a teacher telling them about the problem, and if all else fails, meet with the teacher or administrator to find alternatives, even if that means moving the child to another class.

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