Reading To Your Child

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Dear Dr. Vicki,

I have a nine year old son and ten year old daughter, who I still read to before bed every night. My husband thinks they are too old for this because they can now read books themselves. Who’s right?

Dr. Vicki’s advice:

Actually, you both are. It is wonderful that your children have learned to read and hopefully enjoy reading by themselves for pleasure. That should certainly be encouraged. In addition, reading to and with your children can be a time for closeness, cuddling (for as long as possible!) and sharing a common interest. It can also help them expand their vocabulary, and be able to close their eyes, listen to a story and be swept away by their imagination. As children get older, of course the reading material changes. It can be fun to have them read to you, or take turns reading lines in a story. Then there may be books that are a little too difficult for them to read, but whose stories would still be appropriate to tell. Perhaps your husband would like to hop on board and make this a whole family experience!
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