Kids Can Behave

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“Want harmony at home? Then focus on good behavior rather than the bad.

Another important factor to successful discipline is understanding your child”, said Vicki Panaccione, a Melbourne psychologist and parent coach who writes child development articles focusing on elementary and middle school children.

“You need to know your child in order to know how to intervene in their behavior,” said Panaccione, author of Discovering Your Child: A Parent Guide for Children Ages 7-12.

“We talk about unconditional love, but we must also address unconditional acceptance of who this child is. Every child has distinct characteristics. So, if a child is not a morning person, don’t give him or her a lot to do in the morning.”

Panaccione also suggests redirection of negative behavior. If siblings fight, try to redirect that energy toward physical activities both children can participate in.

And of course, acting out can be a disguise for deeper problems.

“Many times, we’re correcting the behavior, but not necessarily looking beneath the surface to find out what’s going on with the child. It could be that something’s going on at school, or a lack of sleep, for example.”

As published in Florida Today.
Florida Today

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