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“Dr. Vicki is not only the World Expert on Parenting, but she knows exactly what it takes to get your kids to be the great kids you want them to be. Her advice on Chats with Champions has changed my relationship with my kids forever.” ~ Blair Singer, CEO, SalesPartners Worldwide, Author, Dad, Rich Dad/ Poor Dad Mentor, AZ

“You are the Oprah Winfrey of families!” ~ Robin Maier, LCSW, CEO Time for You, Mom of 4, FL

“Dr. Vicki gives amazing insight into how to communicate with children. Her knowledge of how parents actions affect their children, and her passion for psychology makes her a wonderful radio guest. Every week she is able to peel back the curtain and address common issues parents face from a friendly yet clinical point of view. With every segment she improves the lives of our listeners and their children. We are so pleased to have her on Heartbeat Radio for Women.” ~ Michelle Wargo, Host of Heartscape , Heartbeat Radio for Women

“It is no surprise that Dr. Panaccione’s What Kids Would Tell You…If Only You’d Ask! was awarded the prestigious Good ParentingCM Seal, awarded to books and media that are found to be helpful and actionable ideas for parents. Dr. Vicki Panaccione represents the best of what parents need, information that is professional, honest, and helpful written in a way that any stressed out parents can easily understand.” ~ Tina Nocera, Founder, Parentalwisdom.com, Author and Mom, NJ

“Dr. Vicki inspired me to be a parent, not just do parenting as my second job! She taught me simple ways to express unconditional love to my girls and build life-long relationships.” ~ Leanne Linden, “Single mom” of 3 girls, TX

“The news media trusts and respects Dr. Vicki’s opinions and tips on parenting. She has been quoted by the media many times and many reporters rely on her to provide expert advice to their readers. For many reporters, Dr. Vicki is their “go to” resource for all articles on parenting.” ~ Dan Janal, Founder and President, PRLeads

“I was 51 years old before I witnessed a miracle, and Dr. Vicki made it happen. Our son was on a downward spiral; defiant, self-destructive, violent. We had been to many doctors, therapists, and psychologist, to no avail. Dr. Vicki helped him develop new habits and helped us to realize we have a normal teenager who can now say “I am lovable.” ~ Susan, Mother of 15 year old son, 12 year old daughter

“Ever since I heard Dr. Vicki speak, I pay attention to the parents that enjoy their kids, and the parents who treat children like a burden. I know I am better off gaining from her wisdom.”  ~ Rick, Entrepreneur, age 19, Ontario, CAN

“I’m really relishing the tips that you imparted: WOW are they sooo helpful!” ~ Heather, Mom of 4

“Dr, Vicki is a dynamic, animated speaker. When you attend her seminars, you will learn what it takes to have a loving family. Brilliant!”  ~ Dr. Carolyn Nesbit, Psychologist and Mom, BC, Canada

“Dr. Vicki’s wisdom, experience and compassion when it comes to expert advice in the field of parenting come shining through. Having produced many parenting stories over the years, I find Dr. Vicki’s breadth of knowledge to be remarkable! I’m eager to read her next book.” ~ Tom Martin, President, Tom Martin Media, Publicist, Dad, CT

“Participants clamored for What Kids Would Tell You…If Only You’d Ask! and raved about her presentation. I recommend her for other stages whenever possible. She is top notch in every sense of the word.” ~ Jann Hopkins, Former Speaker Coordinator for Peak Potentials, Mom and Grandmother

 “This (workshop) really helped my mom and me get closer together.” ~ Kate, age 11, 6th Grade Student

“I just recently discovered your website, and the content has been an invaluable guide in managing my children. I have two 13 year old boys, a 9 year old girl and a 14 month old baby girl, all of which present new challenges daily. I have your site bookmarked and visit it often for new insight and tips. Thanks for the help!” ~ James, Father of 4

“My friend told me to check out your site and I am glad I did! I got so much information from it to help me deal with my preteen. I’ll definitely keep coming back.” ~ Dan, Father of boy, age 12, Sin News

“I sent in a question to Ask Dr. Vicki and was so excited when it was actually answered! It was so helpful to me. Thanks so much.” ~ Brandy, Mother of four children, ages 4, 5, 9 and 11

“I love the free Top 10 Tips I got in your free ebook.  They are SO helpful and practical.” ~ Sue, Mother of twin boys, age 7 and a girl age 10

“My daughter used to come and see you in the office. She is doing fine now. But I love that I can still get your advice on this site. It’s like taking you home with me!” ~ Joan, Mother of girl, age 13

“The answers on Ask Dr. Vicki are so practical. I love to come back and see what new questions have been asked.” ~ Marta, Mother of 2 boys, ages 3 and 6

“We’d love to get a Top 10 list every week all year long!” ~ Joyce and Ed, parents of 3 children, ages 7, 8, 10

“Your parenting philosophy changed my whole perspective on how I interact and speak with my children.  Thanks for opening my eyes, Dr. Vicki! My relationship with my children is so much richer and meaningful to me because I’m able to communicate with them in a more positive way so they can make a difference in their own lives.”  ~ Denise, Mother of 3

“Dr. Vicki is an extremely captivating and lively keynote and seminar speaker. She has a gift of connecting to the audience in a very engaging way, bringing both lightness and practicality to her presentations. Dr. Vicki is one of those rare individuals who has both passion and dedication about what she does.” ~ Patrick Williams, Ed.D., President, Institute for Life Coach Training

“Dr. Panaccione is an expert on children and family issues and a true asset to her profession.” ~ Judy Houser, Executive Director, All About Adoptions, Inc.

“You have been selected to receive the Millennium Maker Award for your contribution to the betterment of Jefferson County through your selfless actions and deeds.” ~ Honorable Rebecca Jackson, Jefferson County Judge/Executive, KY

“You have helped make this state better for Florida’s children.” ~ Lawton Chiles, Former Florida Governor