Parental Dating

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“Moms should be very careful not to introduce a date to the children until she really gets to know him, and decides that he really is someone she would like the children to know. Also, children can become very attached to these men. So unless mom plans for this relationship to have some long term permanence, I would not recommend introducing him to the children.”

“On the other hand, almost all kids have the fantasy of mom and dad getting back together, and they hold it for years and years. So, if mom brings a boyfriend into the picture, it interferes with children’s hopes that their fantasy will come true. So children can feel very threatened about the possibility that the boyfriend will try to take dad’s place. Or, they can also try to sabotage the relationship, trying to get rid of the man in order to preserve their fantasy.”

As broadcasted on Rose Lee Archer Show.
The Rose Lee Archer Show

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