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If you are like many parents, you probably have some concern about your children searching the Internet.  Well, here is an article I just read by Bo Minnow, to help you with this dilemma: 

“Talk about a search engine and the first thing that will click in the minds of many is Google. Well some are fans to Yahoo and Bing but would you really recommend the use of these internet tools as kids search engines? If you really care about the welfare of those kids, you would not. These search engines will pop up everything from promotional material that will not be of any help to the kids, to adult material whose effects on the young minds are nothing anyone would want to imagine. 

The main concern, actually, is the adult content that these popular searching tools have. Every serious parent will want to keep their innocent kid from coming into contact with such material. There are many tools that have been developed to restrict unauthorized people from accessing certain websites but to be fair to the kids, this solution must be revised. That is not to say that such tools should not be used, but that an alternative should be provided for the kids. 

The internet has immense information that can be very helpful to the kids. They should therefore be provided with kids search engines that will provide them with relevant and helpful information and protect them from the harmful stuff. Highlighted below are five options that parents can use to ensure safe intellectual growth of their kids. 

The first and most popular is the Google Study Search powered by Google. It is an option for the famous Google search engine that was developed with the interests of kids in mind. The information it provides is good for both primary and high school kids. is another safe search option available. It provides information from the Yahoo directory sifting all information that could be harmful to the kids. One advantage of this kids search tool is that it is customized to provide your kids with easy interaction that makes searching for information speedy. 

The other kids search engines are, and Askkids is powered by and provides safe results on material such us videos, games, images and others that are relevant to kids. Kidrex is also powered by Google and provides a completely kids interface. Kidsclick is the best if one is looking for academic stuff. It has more that six hundred subject guides making it one of the most advanced kids’ search engines.” 

As an online entrepreneur I am concerned about safe browsing and searching the Internet by kids.  Bo Minnow 

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 Dr. Vicki’s comments:  I am always looking for great resources to share with you to help make parenting a little easier and a little more fun.  I know that there are a lot of scary sites out there you would not want your kids to happen upon.  And, it can happen so innocently.  One of my young patients searched ‘Boys’ thinking he was going to get all kinds of fun information, and instead wound up with a porn site!  These kid-friendly search engines that this author has recommended are fabulous!  And here is the key to this, as well as any other parenting tip you will get on this site:  Spend time with your children… explore these search engines together.  That way you will feel more comfortable knowing that the places your kids are searching are places you wouldn’t mind them going. 

What do you think?  How are you handling this issue?  Please comment below. 


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    [caption id="attachment_1791" align="alignnone" width="530" caption="Cat and Mouse"][/caption]   If you are like many parents, you probably have some concern about your children searching the Internet….