Are You Nurturing Your Children’s Dreams?

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Well, the American Idol 2010 has been revealed! For those of you who are not familiar with this show, it is a vocal talent show to choose the most talented singer in America. To the winner goes a million dollar music contract and international exposure.

American Idol Top Ten 2010

Starting out with about 10,000 hopefuls, the top 24 are chosen and then each one is eliminated until the top 10 are chosen. These talented singers will tour as a group this summer, performing in front of thousands and thousands of adoring fans. And the main man, the featured event will be the newly crowned, Lee DeWyze, the 2010 American Idol.

The top ten are all very talented artists in their own right. Yet, none of them were headed for stardom. Two are teenagers still in high school, one worked as a house painter, others a glass blower, a personal trainer and a teacher at her local church. Others played in local bands, sang in their church choirs and raised children, one as a single mom. These were all ordinary people with big dreams. Until…American Idol auditions offered an opportunity to pursue their dreams. AND, they took it!

Your kids can, too!

Now, they may not be the future American Idol…or why not? As parents, you are entrusted with the responsibility of providing opportunities for your kids to grow and develop on their path. You are mandated to seek out ways to encourage them to follow their dreams.

These talented American Idol singers have been given the opportunity to follow their dreams. What are you doing to help your kids follow theirs??

Your children are the keepers of their dreams. And you, their parents, are their guiding light.

Help your children become their
own version of an American Idol.

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