Cherish The Moments As Well As The Milestones

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Last Friday, I had the honor of meeting a fellow child advocate. Not only is he passionate about kids, but about every moment in life. John St. Augustine is a former host and senior producer of Dr. Oz’s, Jean Chatzky’s and Bob Green’s shows on Oprah and Friends Radio. Recently, he has left these shows, and is now promoting his newest book, “Every Moment Matters”. He asks a very poignant question: “How many moments have you missed?” He reminds us that everyday is a chance to catch the moments that will never come again. He encourages all of us to find something new each day that we can enjoy—in the moment.

As parents, there are so many moments with our kids to cherish. There are milestones we all capture: first steps, first tooth, first words…lots of firsts. But what about the seconds, and thirds and hundredths? There are moments with your kids to savor and enjoy everyday if you slow down long enough to be present to them. Don’t do what John calls, ‘the woulda, coulda, shoulda shuffle.’ I urge you to find some moment each and every day to capture a moment (you don’t have to stop with one!) of joy with your kids. You can never get that moment back. And, after all…every moment really does matter.

Send me your every day moments that you captured in your memory bank to savor for years to come. I’d love to hear them!

For a copy of “Every Moment Matters”, by John St. Augustine, go to

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