Getting Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms

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"Clean up your room!"

Kids Are From Krypton Parents Are From Pluto Radio update Oct. 14: There are so many life skills your children can develop in the sheer act of cleaning their rooms. These skills include: doing something even when you don’t want to, responsibility, respect for and care of possessions, organization, respect for self, creating order out of chaos, cleaning skills, cooperation, following routines, meeting deadlines, experiencing the consequences of their actions, and so much more.

The basic fundamental of teaching this, as well as any other skill, is to be a good role model. If you want your children to learn to pick up after themselves, care for their possessions and live in an orderly environment…You got it! You need to set the example. If you take something out and use it, then you need to put it away. Children are much more resistant to do things that are clearly not being done by their parents.

What about teens? My advice is that you pick and choose your battles. Common areas of the home must be kept clean, and tidy. However, teens become oblivious to many things…their rooms being one of them. My suggestion is that you set down some very basic rules: no food wrappers/plates/cups stay in room more than a day; no wet towels left on the floor; no candles left burning and any other safety or health matters you want to address. And then…close the door! This, too, shall pass.

Top 5 Tips of the Week:

  1. Be the example that you want your kids to follow.
  2. Teach organizational skills, including how to break down the task.
  3. Encourage self-evaluation.
  4. Pick and choose your battles.
  5. Show your kids you love them…through your words and your actions

Enjoy your kids!

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