Help! My ex has a new girlfriend and she’s trying to take my place!

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Ex has a new girlfriend Dear Dr. Vicki:

My ex has a new girlfriend and I need to know if she is crossing the line or if I’m overreacting.  There are truly no feelings left between my daughter’s father and I. His now live-in girlfriend goes out of her way to do little things to spite me– removing my daughter’s nail polish that I did and repainting it a new color, telling me she now understands motherly love, toting my toddler around to HER work to show off… am I being crazy? How can I stop this from getting to me? Talking to the father is no use; he’s immature and hates me for leaving him to begin with. I feel like this woman is trying to steal my child!!!

Dr. Vicki’s response:

Take a deep breath…and let it out. Now take another one…and let it out. Great. Now you are calmer and can take in this information.

You are over-reacting. Why are you feeling so insecure? Just because your ex has a new girlfriend does not mean you have anything to worry about. Bottom line…you are the mom and she will never be. She can’t steal your child. The only way you lose is if you allow yourself to be affected by her petty behaviors. YOU are the mom. That’s something she will never be and she may be envious of you. Her behavior may seem to be personally directed at you—like a spiteful thing. But it may not be. She may just enjoy your little girl and you may be reading intent into it.

If your ex has a new girlfriend, it’s better that she care about your daughter rather than shunning her or competing with her for dad’s attention. She could be someone who didn’t like kids. So, better this way.

What to do? First, what not to do—don’t get into this with her. Do not allow your daughter to be a pawn. Don’t make her poor little finger nails a battle ground of constant nail color changes. Recognize this is not a tug of war, unless you pick up the rope. Instead, take the high road. Leave the polish on and tell her how much you like the color. Thank her for caring about your daughter. Tell her you can only hope that she has a child of her own some day so that she can really know what it’s like to be someone’s mother.

Because your ex has a new girlfriend, there may be times that you will need to really take a stand. Leave line-crossing for the really important issues, such as what your daughter may/may not call this woman (e.g.–NOT Mommy) or what she is/isn’t allowed to do with her (e.g.–NOT take her to the doctor’s, for a haircut, etc.) or when she can/can’t take care of her (e.g.–NOT when dad isn’t around and she needs a sitter.)

Remember: This girlfriend may come or go. No matter how many times your ex has a new girlfriend…YOU are the mother. It is in your daughter’s best interest that she not feel animosity or tension between you and the girlfriend. This will only confuse her. As long as your daughter knows who her mommy is and the girlfriend treats her well, is there really a problem?

Enjoy your kids!


Have you ever been in a situation like this?  What advice would you give this mom?

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5 Responses to “Help! My ex has a new girlfriend and she’s trying to take my place!”
  1. Misty Fraley says:

    This information just really made my day! I am going through the exact same thing. We have joint custody, so his new girlfriend sees my daughter as much as I do. I’ve had a hard time with the situation, but this blog made my crying stop (for now). Thanks for your input!

  2. Dr. Vicki Panaccione says:

    Oh, I am so happy to hear that you found my words comforting. Thank you so much for your feedback. That’s what makes what I do so worthwhile. Enjoy your kids!

  3. GMom1 says:

    I am in a similar situation….my ex husband’s girlfriend is so nice to my 12 year old daughter, taking her shopping, planning trips, buying her all kinds of things. It has been a huge problem for me. Reading the above makes me feel I am not alone. I do, however, think she has overstepped some boundaries because she took my daughter to her house for sleepovers twice, without my ex husband being present. That to me has been very unsettling and I did speak with my ex about it. He just acted like it was no big deal. I told him I thought it very inappropriate. She also texts her too frequently, like when I am with my daughter. Am I being over the top here?????

  4. Dr. Vicki Panaccione says:

    You’re in a tough situation, because you feel as though this woman is over-stepping her bounds. However, when your daughter is in her father’s care, it is really up to him to make decisions about what she does, where she goes and who she’s with. And, the same goes for when she’s in your care. Unless it’s a safety issue, there really is not much more you can do than to voice your concerns to your ex. If he does not see a need to take action, then you probably need to let it go.

    Now, when your daughter is with you, you can certainly put limits on who texts her, etc. However, be careful to check your motives first. If you feel that she is over-stpeeing her bounds, is it because you feel threatened about the stability of your own relationship with your child? Are you jealous? It’s better that your ex’s girlfriend like your daughter rather than reject her. You might want to have a talk with the woman, requesting that certain limits be placed on the relationship. However, when your daughter is away from you, there is not much you can do. Be careful not to place your child in the middle of this triangle…like telling her not to text her or go to her house. This could alienate you from your daughter!

    Instead of focusing on limiting the relationship the girlfriend has with your daughter, focus instead on maintaining and strengthening the relationship you have with her. You are the only mother she has—strengthen that bond via an open line of communication and shared activities you both enjoy.


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