How to Stop School Bullying

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How to Stop School BullyingHow to Stop School Bullying was the focus of a recent blog post on the site. The author and founder of the site, my dear friend, Tina Nocera, has raised two kids and knows a thing or two about how to stop school bullying.   Here are her 3 simple tips:

How to stop School Bullying

1.   Help kids feel so good about themselves that teasing won’t faze them!  Tina says, “Let your child know that he/she is loved unconditionally by everyone in your household and more in terms of  extended family.” 

2.  Arm your children with a powerful weapon to neutralize the bully. Bill  Cosby’s “The Meanest Thing to Say” has empowered many four- to eight-year-olds to resist the schoolyard bully. Cosby encourages young readers to respond to taunts simply by saying, “So?” instead of giving away their true feelings or responding aggressively. And, Tina admits, “While “So?” will not always disarm a bully, it is one terrific tool for children to put into their (”How to Stop School Bullying“) social-skills toolbox.

3.   Here is a very effective exercise. Draw a line in the room and have everyone stand on one side. Now ask anyone who has ever been bullied to step over the line. You will find that (just about) everyone steps over which in itself is a powerful emotion. What this does is recognize the bully has also been bullied.  Then, ask everyone for the things they can share in how to stop school bullying.

Thanks to Tina for sharing her parental wisdom!  Please share her ideas with your kids so that they will know how to stop school bullying  and check out the effects of cyberbullying blog on this site.

And, please feel free to add any suggestions you may have on How to Stop School Bullying in the comment box below.


2 Responses to “How to Stop School Bullying”
  1. jimmynastic says:

    How do I stop my son from being the stubborn bully he is?

  2. Jane says:

    Is it true that bullying is hereditary?