Is Anger OK?

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Teach your kid that anger is okay!Radio series update April 22: Last week we discussed the importance of getting in touch with your own anger, and ways strategies for dealing with it. This week was all about your kids…why they get angry, how they deal with it and what to do about it. Because kids basically get in trouble for ‘being angry,’ most think that anger is not OK. In other words, it’s bad to be angry.

Your job is to teach your kids that anger is a human emotion like any other and it’s OK to feel any way they feel. The way they express that anger, through their words and actions, is what may need to be contained and managed in appropriate ways. Setting a good example is key, along with allowing the feeling and providing acceptable outlets for expression of their anger. And perhaps most importantly…please don’t expect your kids to handle their anger better than the grown-ups!

Top 5 Tips for the Week:

  1. Separate your child’s feeling from the behavior
  2. Validate the feeling even before dealing with the behavior
  3. Provide acceptable outlets for expression of anger
  4. Model self-control and anger management skills
  5. Show your kids you love them…through your words and your actions

Enjoy your kids!

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