Kids are from Krypton; Parents are from Pluto™

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Kids Are From Krypton Parents Are From Pluto

Well, I hope you were able to catch my radio debut. It is a new parenting series, “Kids are from Krypton; Parents are from Pluto™”. It’s on every Thursday at 1:30 pm EST. Catch it on live stream or WRHB Heartbeat Radio for Women. For the next four weeks, we’ll be talking about communicating with your kids. Each week I’ll be posting communication tips of the week.  Hope you can join us next week (February 25th)!

Here are the Top 5 Tips for the week:

  1. Put yourself in your kids’ shoes. They see the world from a WHOLE different perspective!
  2. Set a good example. Kids learn not only from what you say, but also from how you live your life.
  3. Speak to your kids in a respectful manner. Respect doesn’t mean equality; it shows your kids they are valuable beings.
  4. Make sure your actions match your words. If you say something, but behave in a different way, behavior will win out every time.
  5. Show your kids you love them…through your words, actions and examples.

Have a great week! And don’t forget to:

Enjoy your kids!

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