Giggles and Groans

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Kids are from Krypton; Parents are from Pluto Radio show update August 26: Did you ever hear a baby laugh, or a child giggle? Makes you smile, doesn’t it? A child’s laughter is pure, without reservation or restriction. We were all giggling children once upon a time. And then we got older….we ‘matured.’ And along with learning to control our impulses, we stifled our laughter and settled for a smile, a quiet smirk or silent chuckle.

The sound of children laughing...Whatever happened to laughter? How did children get the patent? And when, along the way, did it fall by the wayside? I hear comments like, “I am so busy trying to get everything done, nothing seems funny,” or “Anything my son does seems to just give me more work—that’s not funny!” But the majority of comments allude to the feeling that, “I didn’t realize how little we laugh around our house; thanks for making me stop and think about this!”

One of the many slogans in my home as we were growing up was: “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Later on, we decided that most things in life are “small stuff.” While there is a lot of tragedy in this world, we have the opportunity to enjoy our children each and every day. And we have the opportunity to laugh about the small stuff, and remember that almost everything is “small stuff.” Taking things less seriously can help you save discipline for the important things. When we laugh, we gain a different perspective on an otherwise stressful or annoying situation. And a sense of humor can turn a nervous, misbehaving child into one who learns a lesson without losing her feeling of self-worth. Parents: You are taking yourselves WAY too seriously. Lighten up and you’ll have more giggles and less groans.


  1. Lighten up…don’t take yourself so seriously.
  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff…everything is small stuff.
  3. Learn to laugh at yourself.
  4. Make sure you laugh with your kids everyday.
  5. Show your kids you love them…through your words and your actions.

Enjoy your kids!

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