Kids Are From Krypton; Parents Are From Pluto

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Update from The comments are streaming in—parents love this new show! Today we talked about ways to listen—in order to keep the lines of communication open between you and your kids.

Here’s a brief summary:
There are many times that we hear the words, but don’t listen to the meaning. Or we attend to words, but not body language, tone and what isn’t being said. Communication involves the ability to pay attention to what your kids think and feel. It means not to talk, but to listen. When kids feel that you listen, they will talk to you. If they feel that you listen to the little things, then they are more likely to bring bigger issues to you as they arise. Listening builds trust. When you listen, you are telling your kids that what they have to say is important to you.

Top 5 Tips for the Week:

  1. Give your kids your undivided attention.
  2. Listen without interruption or judgment.
  3. Ask open-ended questions.
  4. Thank them for sharing.
  5. Show your kids you love them…through your words and your actions.

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