Make Drive Time Special

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Continuing yesterday’s discussion of where and when to have conversations with your kids:

My favorite time is driving in the car…home from school, on the way to a sports practice, going grocery shopping. It really doesn’t matter. This is a wonderful opportunity to talk with your children. You have a captive audience!

I know, it’s usually spent telling them to leave their sibling alone, or arguing over the radio station, etc. But, again, if you consider this an opportune time to get to know your kids better, it could be turned into a time of closeness. Singing, playing I Spy, 20 questions, the Alphabet Game, etc. can turn times of conflict into enjoyment.

And, if you happen to have only one child in the car, it’s golden! But again, not a time for criticism, etc. Some of the children I see dread time in the car with their parent, because it turns into interrogation and chastisement. Instead, make it something they enjoy and may even look forward to!

Give them a chance to choose their favorite radio station or CD—

  • Have a conversation about why they like that music;
  • Who their favorite singer is;
  • What’s their favorite song?
  • What do they think it would be like to be a famous singer?
  • Have them teach you the words to a song you don’t know…teach them one of yours.

And here’s another one of my significant pet peeves… DVDs, Game Boys and ipods in the car. These are electronic avoidance devices that shut down social interaction. Going to the grocery store, home from school, etc. are not times to create barriers.

Please use the car time wisely. They are times to open lines of communication and opportunities to enjoy each other.

Enjoy your kids…one conversation at a time!


2 Responses to “Make Drive Time Special”
  1. Catherine says:

    This is great! Our two-year old broke the cd player in our mini-van and my husband was like, ‘great, there goes another $400’. I said, “Actually, no, let’s just save that money. The radio still works, and we’ll just leave it off, and talk more. So we do, and I have not had even one complaint from the kids about playing their CDs!

  2. Dr. Vicki Panaccione says:

    How wonderful for you! Thank you for sharing.