Making Money Without Having A Job

September 30, 2010 by  
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Radio For WomenKids Are From Krypton; Parents Are From Pluto Radio update Sept. 30: Do your kids want to make money and have no way of getting a job? Well, they don’t need a job to make money. They can start their own business instead! Yes—their own business. These can range from babysitting to creating websites, with tutoring, dog walking and garage cleaning in between. Encourage your kids to come up with creative ways to make money. Ask them: What do you have to offer other people? What could you do that other people would want to pay for? Then, let the brain-storming and marketing begin!


  1. Help kids find their own way to make money.
  2. Teach them the connection between earning and having.
  3. Encourage them to be creative in developing business ideas.
  4. Support their entrepreneurial efforts.
  5. Show your kids you love them…through your words and your actions.

Enjoy your kids!

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