Preventing Childhood Abductions

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Childhood abductionsChildhood abductions are being reported more and more on the evening news, and the terrifying prospect of abduction fills the minds of parents across the country. But it’s important to remember that the majority of children will pass through childhood safely. One of the challenges of being a parent is to teach your children to be cautious without filling them with too much fear or anxiety. Although some dangers do exist, there are steps that you can take to lessen the chances of childhood abductions.


Tips for Preventing Childhood Abductions:


  • Make sure custody documents are in order.
  • Have ID-like photos taken of your kids every 6 months.
  • Keep your children’s medical and dental records up to date.
  • Make online safety a priority. The Internet is a great tool, but it’s also a perfect place for predators to stalk children and lead them into situations ripe for childhood abductions.
  • Be aware of your children’s Internet activities and chat room “friends,” and remind them never to give out personal information.
  • Avoid posting identifying information or photos of your kids online.
  • Set boundaries about the places your kids go.
  • Supervise your kids in places like malls, movie theaters, parks, public bathrooms where childhood abductions are more likely to occur.
  • Never leave children alone in a car or stroller, even for a minute.
  • Choose caregivers — babysitters, day-care providers and nannies — carefully and check their references.
  • If you’ve arranged for someone to pick up your kids from school or child care, discuss the arrangements beforehand with them and with the school or child-care center.
  • Avoid dressing your children in clothing with their names on it — kids tend to trust adults who know their names.

Talking to your kids about strangers and the dangers that may be associated with them is important in preventing childhood abductions.

How about you?  What other precautions do you take with your children to help keep them safe and reduce the possibility of childhood abductions?

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2 Responses to “Preventing Childhood Abductions”
  1. Andrea says:

    Is this a new epidemic? Goodness back 20 years ago, as a kid growing up on the beach I remember we could walk and ride our bikes wherever and whenever we pleased, life was good! 🙂
    It’s a shame that our society has hecome this way, or is it that it’s more “out there” and spoken of than way back when? Either which way we try to analyze how, when, even better why, as responsible adults there’s nothing more important than to educate your children of this horrible epidemic!

  2. • Teach your children it is more important to get out of a threatening situation than it is to be polite. Tell them if anyone bothers them or makes them feel sad, scared or confused to trust their feelings and immediately get away from that person.