Summer With The Kids: Attitude Is Everything

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A day at the zoo

“Kids are from Krypton: Parents are from Pluto” Radio series update May 20: School’s getting out:  Is that a good thing?  What I find is parents fall into one of two categories:  those who are thrilled to have the kids home, and the others who dread summer and can’t wait for school to start again.  For some, summer is a friend; for others a foe.  Same event; different responses.  Why?  One word…ATTITUDE!  The messages that you send yourself, whether positive or negative, whether conscious or unconscious determine your attitude.  And, ATTITUDE is everything.

Take the zoo, for instance.  If you are looking forward to taking your kids to the zoo, you might be thinking: “I remember going to the zoo as a kid.  I always liked the giraffes best.  It will be fun to share it with my kids.”  If your attitude is positive, you’ll probably smile and be enthusiastic.  As a result, your kids will feel as though you really want to be with them, and you will probably all enjoy the day and each others’ company.

On the other hand, your thinking could go something like this:  “I have so much to do today, I wish I could get out of talking the kids to the zoo again; I really don’t like the heat and the smell.  And, really…how many times do they need to see a giraffe, anyway?  Then, guess how your day will be?  As a result of these negative messages,  you will probably be miserable, act impatiently and your kids will sense your annoyance, feeling as though you really don’t want to be with them.  They may even act out in frustration.

So, which do you choose?  Would you like to have pleasant times to create lasting memories?  Or, another annoying day to add to your long list?  Attitude is everything.  You get to choose.

Enjoy your kids!

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2 Responses to “Summer With The Kids: Attitude Is Everything”
  1. Thanks for sharing, thoughtful comments and great points made.

  2. Dr. Vicki Panaccione says:

    You’re very welcome. Actually, there are so many great analogies for parenting. Stay tuned for others!