Taking The Hassle Out Of Homework

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Kids are From Krypton; Parents are from Pluto Radio series update Sept. 2, 2010: Homework is an important part of your kids’ learning. It fortifies the lesson, and offers the opportunity to help them when they make mistakes. And in order to help your kids become successful, here are some suggestions for homework time:

* Set aside a daily homework time.
* Identify a specific place to do homework.
* Make sure that your kids have the supplies necessary to conduct the work.
* Schedule a certain amount of time in which your kids have to engage in school-related work.
* Review homework with your kids…don’t do it for them!!!
* Analyze why your kids are making errors.
* Praise your kids for their effort, not merely correct answers.
* Allow your children to take responsibility for their homework.
* Remain calm.
* Believe in your kids’ ability to be responsible and successful.


  1. Set aside a time for homework every school day.
  2. Identify a specific place where each of your kids does their work.
  3. Make sure your kids have the supplies they need to do their work.
  4. Review their work if necessary; don’t do the work for them.
  5. Show your kids you love them…through your words and your actions.

Enjoy your kids!

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4 Responses to “Taking The Hassle Out Of Homework”
  1. Most children don’t like doing their homework lessons and hate going to school. So, the main task of a teacher is to make educational process both interesting and informative at the same time. I think that each teacher has to be a good psychologist first of all.

  2. Dr. Vicki Panaccione says:

    I so agree. I think the most impactful teachers are those who truly understand kids and can tap into their creativity, interests and learning abilities all at once. Not an easy task—and yet a rewarding one. Thank you for your insights. I sense you may be a teacher and therefore I also thank you and all educators for what you do!

  3. POP USA says:

    I’ts funny I read this. I have twin 6yr old boys both with adhd and pdd. I did homework with one tonight that hates it and we learned how to just hold the pencil correctly. We sat together and worked miracles. I had to teach him one step at a time several times on how to hold the pencil. I was one darn proud mom. My little man was just a miracle to see. Thank for your amazing advice.

  4. Dr. Vicki Panaccione says:

    Kudos to you for recognizing that something was getting in the way of doing homework and taking the action necessary to help him be successful! Thank you for writing and congrats on your little miracle. Enjoy your kids!