Things that go bump in the night!

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Kids Are From Krypton parents Are From Pluto Radio update Oct. 21: When kids come to my door and say, “Trick or Treat?” I respond,  “TRICK!”  They give me a puzzled look until I explain that I pick ‘trick.’  This little twist in the tale has prompted some great creativity on the part of my little ghouls and goblins.  One girl did a cartwheel on my lawn, while another wiggled her nose.  One boy wiggled his ears and a trio of high school boys sang a funny, off-key song.

Halloween is a fun event for kids—and I encourage you to have fun, too.  Create homemade costumes, decorations and carve pumpkins.  And don’t forget to roast the seeds! Tell ghost stories and share your memories of Halloweens past.  Teach your kids to be safe—but not anxious.  We have become so fear-based that everything becomes an occasion to protect our kids.  Make Halloween fun and scary—not fearful!

Top 5 Tips of the Week:

  1. Have fun!
  2. Create home-grown costumes and decorations.
  3. Teach safety, not fear.
  4. Let your kids splurge on candy—at least just once!
  5. Show your kids you love them…through your words and your actions.

Enjoy your kids!

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