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What Kids Would Tell You…If Only You’d Ask!

In this innovative parent/child communication book, world renowned child psychologist, Dr. Vicki Panaccione, offers you the opportunity to really get to know your kids with 101 ideas for family conversation and exploration

• This is not about the things you need to tell your kids to help them develop into who they are going to be.
• This is about the things you might want to ask your kids to help you discover… who they already are!

You will learn all sorts of things about your kids ranging from:
• Silly (‘What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever done?’) to
• Creative (‘Would you rather fly or be invisible?’) to
• Profound (‘If you could find a cure, what would it be?’)

Don’t let all the empty spaces fool you…
• They are what make this book a one of a kind.
• Only you and your family can fill these pages!
• Journal conversations that delight you, tug at your heart and utterly astound you.
• There are no right or wrong answers; no losers, only winners. The prize? Getting to really know your kids and each other… One conversation at a time!

Buying this book…Mere dollars and cents

Getting to really know your kids…PRICELESS

This book is awarded the Good Parenting Seal of Approval


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Your Child’s Inner Brilliance…Parent Guide to Discovery ~a guide to creating  a more joyful relationship with your child

Being a parent, and finding joy and fulfillment within the parent/child relationship, is what this guide is all about. It is about recognizing who your child is and how to help this child develop into a unique individual. It is about being a parent, by carefully maintaining what I believe to be the essential emotional bond with your child, which I call the…CaringConnection™

The CaringConnection™ is the emotional lifeline you establish with your child. Through this connection you will discover your child’s own personal brilliance and find joy in helping your child evolve.

Don’t let all the empty spaces fool you! They’re what make this book a one of a kind! Only YOU can fill these pages!

This Guide will help you discover:
• Ways in which your child is unique
• Ways to help this uniqueness develop
• Ways to nurture your CaringConnection

Buying this book…Mere dollars and cents.

Creating a joyful relationship with your child…PRICELESS!

Hard copy $27 (Keepsake version)


Better Parenting

Download the Ebook $17


Better Parenting

CaringConnections Newsletter

Volume 1

Caring Connection Newsletter 2005

Each of these compilations represents a whole year of weekly newsletters written on many of the most requested parenting topics, including communication, discipline, sibling rivalry and anger management. You will also find ways to help your children clearly identify their dreams, follow their path and ultimately take charge of their lives.

For example:

Jan. 31, 05: Parents’ Anger: Of all the emotions families struggle with, anger seems to present the most difficulty. Why is this such a problem? First of all, many of us have been taught that anger is bad and should not be expressed. As a result, many parents I work with do not know how to express anger, and therefore keep it in until they explode. This only reinforces the belief that anger is wrong, and therefore shouldn’t be expressed. This creates a vicious cycle.

Feb. 7, 05: Children’s Anger: There are three major goals in managing your child’s anger: accepting the feeling, addressing the inappropriate behavior and teaching appropriate ways of channeling their anger. It is imperative that we allow our children to express all of their feelings, and teach acceptable ways to show them.

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CaringConnections Newsletter

Volume 2

caring connections newsletter 2006

Feb. 13, 06: (Follow your dreams Part 2): “The smaller the head, the bigger the dream.” Austin O’Malley. When I heard this, first I chuckled; and then I became dismayed. Why is it that the little ones have big dreams, and the bigger ones have little dreams? Why is it that as we get older, the sky becomes lower? “The sky’s the limit!” becomes, “Watch out for the glass ceiling!”

Volume 2 – Download $77



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Introductory Parent Coaching Call

This 1/2 hour call will help you identify a parenting issue that you can take immediate action on, as well as the initial steps for success!



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Advanced Parent Coaching

(6) calls over a 3-month period insure opportunities for success with on-going support and follow-ups to tackle stumbling blocks and celebrate improvements. E-mail access is included.




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Family Coaching Intensive: Weekend in FL with Dr. Vicki (maximum 4 family members)

(2) 10-hour days of therapeutic activities selected for your specific parenting/family needs.

Inc. 3-night hotel room on the beach, (3) meals/day.


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