Speaking Programs And Services

Dr. Vicki brings 25 years of experience as a child psychologist, public speaker and parent coach to her child development presentations in order to help parents raise independent, emotionally healthy adults, while enjoying a fulfilling, joyful relationship with their children.

Throughout her presentations as a Keynote speaker and Seminar facilitator, Dr. Vicki shares not only her expertise, but also her own parenting stories and some she has encountered in her clinical practice.

These are not canned talks! Dr. Vicki is a true Keynote and Seminar Speaker whose presentations are individualized to meet the specific needs of your target audience. Presentations can be booked as either a Keynote address, or interactive seminar complete with handouts and discussions topics.

Keynote and Seminar Topics:

Can They Hear You Now?
~Taking the Static Out of Communicating with Your Child

This presentation offers insight into the minds of children revealing: Shocking messages kids hear may be messages parents never meant to send!

Messages include:

  • Apologies are Lies
  • Telling the Truth is Not OK
  • You Don’t Want to Know
  • Kisses Don’t Mean Love
  • Reading is Bad
  • Feelings Aren’t How We Feel
  • ‘Doing Your Best’ is Over-rated

Parenting is a Box of Puzzle Pieces… Without the Cover Picture

How to Raise Happy Children and Responsible Adults

This presentation can be conducted as a keynote address, or a series of seminars  revealing the 7 essential pieces to the parenting puzzle, and how these pieces are as crucial and interrelated to raising children, as the smooth and jagged jigsaw pieces are to a puzzle. Segments include love, independence, values, time, discipline, and communication.

What Are We Doing Right?

When’s the last time you patted yourself on the back for being a great parent? Well—IT’S TIME YOU DID! So often programs take a look at problems and tell parents how to deal with them. Not this one! This presentation encourages parents to take a look at what they are doing RIGHT in their efforts to raise competent, caring, moral children. You are already instinctively giving your children a lot of what they need. You are actually a better parent than you think…let Dr. Vicki show you how.


This presentation is uniquely innovative and different from all the other parent talks around. It is not about what to do . . . it is about how to be. It does not focus on specific techniques for dealing with children’s behavior. The focus is on rediscovering who your child is, and how to help him/her become the unique individual she/he was meant to be. It’s about rekindling the joy and fulfillment of parenting, by carefully creating and maintaining what Dr. Vicki believes to be the essential emotional bond with your child — the CaringConnection. And it is through this bond that great parenting can occur.

CaringConnection II

The way we must meet the needs of our children will change, but the underlying CaringConnection must always be maintained. The CaringConnection is the vehicle through which we recognize who our children are, and help them evolve. And in so doing, we can use this connection to face any parenting issue that comes along. Discipline, stress management, coping with anger, sibling rivalry, peer pressure, you name it. This presentation can be tailored to specific parenting issues of your choice.

Pick a topic, and Dr. Vicki will show you how to use the CaringConnection to deal with it and still maintain that essential emotional bond with your child.