High Chair vs. Booster

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"Get me out of here!" Dear Dr. Vicki: A question arose in my house this week, and wanted your thoughts… our 9-month old is a great and easy kid. The last few days, he fights us when we try to put him in to his high-chair to feed him. He arches his back and squirms like crazy. We know he’s hungry, and once we get him buckled in, he settles down, and eats well, doesn’t complain... 

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How to raise millionaires

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Kids Are From Krypton Parents Are From Pluto Radio Series Update Sept. 23:   When I give kids 3 wishes, almost all of them include ‘a million dollars’ as one of their wishes.  And yet, about 98% of these kids do not believe they could ever make that much money.  And if they grow up believing they can’t, then chances are they won’t.  Because they won’t take the steps necessary to be... 

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Discipline

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Focus on thumbs up!

Kids are from Krypton Parents are from Pluto Radio series update May 13: Today’s show focusing on the do’s and don’ts of discipline actually had only one ‘don’t.’ That being: Don’t use don’t! What? We are so conditioned to tell kids what not to do, that we very rarely tell them what they should do. For instance, “Don’t Hit,” can be taught the same way by saying, “Keep your... 

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My Kids Really Know How To Push My Buttons!

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Kids can really push your buttons!

Radio Series Update April 8: “My kids really know how to push my buttons!” As the title suggests, this week we recognized that your ‘buttons’ are your particular emotional hot spots. If you think back, some of your ‘buttons’ may very well be the same parental buttons you pushed when you were a kid. How your parents responded to certain behaviors of yours, is how you learned to respond... 

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Jon & Kate Plus 8 still=DIVORCE

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The Gosselin family Over the past few weeks, I have received a number of calls from Life & Style, Star and People magazines all wanting expert advice, mostly about Jon & Kate Gosselin (the famous parents of 8-year-old-twins and 5-year-old sextuplets,) their very public divorce, and how it affects the kids. Though more public than most, their divorce brings up basic issues not only applying... 

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My Child Spends Too Much Time On the Computer

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Dear Dr. Vicki: My daughter and all of her friends spend hours chatting/blogging on the computer and she doesn’t spend any time with me. That is all we argue about. She feels I am always harassing her about it. I HATE computers. How can I change me/it? What’s a reasonable amount of time to be on the computer? I’ve been told it’s the “teenagers” way of communicating?????... 

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Are We Paying Attention to Deficit Disorder? A Disorder Too Often is Missed

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Teachers are constantly telling them to pay attention, sit still and try harder. These students often are trying hard. Very hard. But they are constantly battling themselves. The problem: a disability that is invisible because people see only the handicap. Children labeled hyper, lazy or even slow learners often have a neurological chemical imbalance called “Attention Deficit Disorder.” “I... 

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