Kids ‘Sold’ As Slaves?

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How far do you take a history lesson? I was called by the Delaware News Journal to comment on a story about a history lesson in a Delaware school, that had, perhaps, gone too far. The article, as published in the journal on May 4, 2010 read, “Eleven-year-old Micaela Reyes’ best friend and four other students were sold into slavery last week during a private-school lesson in Roman history... 

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Child Development

Dear Dr. Vicki, I know that there are certain child development stages that all children go through. But what if my child hasn’t reached that stage and her friends the same age have? Dr. Vicki’s advice: I like to think of child development as climbing a staircase, with each step representing a series of tasks to work on and master before going on to the next step. All children climb the... 

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