Playing With Your Kids: Infancy To Age Two

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Playing With Blocks

Kids Are From Krypton, Parents Are From Pluto Radio Series update July 15, 2010: The key to playing with your kids is to provide toys and activities that meet their developmental level. Kids can play with the same toys for many months, playing with them in different ways as they reach new developmental stages. Some of the basic toys, such as blocks, serve so many developmental purpose that you don’t... 

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Down With Downtime

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With today’s busy mind-set, many parents are finding themselves over-whelmed with chores, errands, jobs and children. Families have too much to do, too many demands and way too much stimuli over-loading their senses. It can be so overwhelming, it’s nice to take a moment or two to do nothing. And while you’re at it, give your baby or toddler a little down time, too. Although studies say stimulation... 

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