Life’s Most Embarrassing Moments

most embarassing moments 2

Do you remember your most embarrassing moments? I’m sure you do. Funny thing about embarrassing moments…they aren’t usually funny for the person experiencing them. And, they stay with you… not necessarily for the good. Upon recalling an embarrassing moment, many people will immediately get red in the face and feel as though they are reliving it all over again. Most of us remember our most embarrassing... 

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Student Obesity Screenings Create Controversy

October 14, 2008 by  
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Overweight is defined as having a body-mass index higher than 95 percent of children the same age. At-risk is defined as having a body-mass index higher than 85%. Brevard’s Health Department has decided to begin screening students, to identify at-risk children. While some schools send the (screening results) letters home with report cards or sealed in envelopes, others simply hand the students stapled... 

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Learn To Talk “The Talk”

August 21, 2008 by  
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“Telling children about puberty and sex might be difficult for parents,” said Melbourne child psychologist, Vicki Panaccione. It could be especially difficult for parents who feel uncomfortable dealing with sexuality, let alone discussing it with a young child. However, instead of waiting for “The Talk,” sex education should start early with open, honest communication and continue... 

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