React With Tact

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At some point in a parent’s life, they all do it. And in this case, “they” means the kids. Set on pushing the limit—and every emotional button possible—children will pull items off a store shelf. They’ll argue with their siblings, fight in the backseat or talk back. And then, after asking them to stop a million times, threatening to turn off the television or pull the car over, the parent... 

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Conflict with Iraq: When Kids Want Answers

March 20, 2003 by  
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War can be difficult to explain to children. To help parents handle questions and fears, (Dr. Vicki Panaccione) offers the following suggestions: For children ages 6-12: 1) Ask what they are hearing and discuss their concerns. It’s best not to fill them with fears they don’t have, but also realize you can’t ignore (the ones they do.) 2) Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Avoid saying, “Everything... 

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