Selecting Musical Instruments for Children

Musical Instruments for Children 1

Selecting musical instruments for children seems like the responsibility of parents.  Piano seems to be the starter instrument of choice for many parents who have pianos in their home.  But what if your children don’t want to play the piano?  Or, what if they like to plink upon the keys but have no interest in doing more than that?  What’s a parent to do? Playing an instrument has many benefits,... 

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Taking The Hassle Out Of Homework

September 3, 2010 by  
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Kids are From Krypton; Parents are from Pluto Radio series update Sept. 2, 2010: Homework is an important part of your kids’ learning. It fortifies the lesson, and offers the opportunity to help them when they make mistakes. And in order to help your kids become successful, here are some suggestions for homework time: * Set aside a daily homework time. * Identify a specific place to do homework. *... 

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Summer Learning

July 19, 2008 by  
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Dear Dr. Vicki, My friends say they need to keep their kids doing worksheets over the summer so they start the new school year on a good foot. My son cries and yells through the whole thing. He could really use the review but is it worth the torment? We all have to do things in life we don’t want to do, but is this one of them? What is the best thing a parent can do to prepare their child for... 

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