Etiquette for Children—Top 5 Tips

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Etiquette for Children

I recently read a blog about teaching Etiquette for Children that I would like to share. I feel that etiquette, or manners, has dwindled over the last many years by adults and kids, alike. However, I think that being polite, greeting people appropriately and making a good first impression are all still very important to not only teach our kids, but continue to model ourselves. “5 Simple Etiquette... 

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Styles of Parenting: Life&Style: Very Proper

This week on newsstands everywhere, Life&Style Weekly enlisted Dr. Vicki as their parenting expert to comment on the styles of parenting of several celeb parents. Styles of Parenting:  Which one do they choose? Victoria and David Beckham Life&Style synopsis: “I’ve never had to punish them physically,” Victoria Beckham says of sons Brooklyn 11, Cruz 6 and Romeo 8.  “Besides,... 

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Halloween Etiquette

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Kids Are From Krypton Parents Are From Pluto radio series update Oct. 28:Are there really etiquette rules pertaining to Halloween? That sounds like an oxymoron! Actually, there are ways that kids need to conduct themselves, as well as things parents can do to be in the know. Kids’ behaviors have to do with courtesy and respect for others and the property of others, as well as safety. This doesn’t... 

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