Problems of Children with Working Parents: Oprah’s Solution

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Children with working parents have a big problem, according to Oprah. They have parents who “are so fixated on their 9-5 jobs that they’ve lost focus of their 5 pm-9 am jobs—their families.” Oprah’s solution is to create another TV program, this time called, “Kidnapped by the Kids.” This show is about, “Kids confronting their parents,” and letting... 

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Cherish The Moments As Well As The Milestones

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Last Friday, I had the honor of meeting a fellow child advocate. Not only is he passionate about kids, but about every moment in life. John St. Augustine is a former host and senior producer of Dr. Oz’s, Jean Chatzky’s and Bob Green’s shows on Oprah and Friends Radio. Recently, he has left these shows, and is now promoting his newest book, “Every Moment Matters”. He asks a very poignant... 

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What’s Your Little Voice Saying?

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Oprah’s latest question of the week was: Does Everyone Have an Inner Voice? My answer…a resounding YES! Sound familiar?…. “I’m not going to do that to my kids”, “I’m never going to be like them,” “When I grow up and have kids, I’m never going to spank them”… How many times did you find yourself thinking that when you were a child? And yet, years later…All of a sudden,... 

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Oprah Asks: Are You Second String In Your Own Life?

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The other day, in her Spirit newsletter, Oprah asked women: “Are You Second-String in Your Own Life?” The accompanying article addressing this topic was written by Caroline Myss discussing the way women sabotage themselves in their love relationships. Well, I am here to tell you that I watch women sabotage themselves every day in their relationship with their kids and their mates. They... 

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