Peer Pressure Facts and Teenage Risks

peer pressure facts

There are many peer pressure facts that most parents think they know.  For instance, hanging around with the wrong crowd seems to have a negative effect on teenagers’ behaviors.  And, a positive effect can also occur when kids hang around peers with high academic, moral and religious standards.  But an effect on the brain? A recent study at Temple University revealed some interesting peer pressure... 

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Staying Connected in Changing Times

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Kids Are From Krypton Parents Are From Pluto Radio Series update Oct. 7: Why is it that kids today can’t seem to make their beds…but they can make a website?  How come they can barely speak English, but learned text-speak in a snap?  Want to know what I think?  I think they’re mutants—yes, mutants!  This generation has been given an extra gene.  They have DNA and RNA like the rest... 

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Programs Encourage Good Decisions

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It happens all too often. Whether it’s a quick trip to meet friends for breakfast or a late night out at a party, what teenagers may picture as a harmless good time can become a parent’s nightmare. Regardless of the cause, two teens lost their lives, something every parent dreads. Experts say there are some actions that parents can take to keep their kids safe as they encounter peer pressure and... 

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Teen Thrill-Seeking is Growing More “Extreme”

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Two teens jumped off the Melbourne Bridge for fun. One is dead and the other severely traumatized. Investigating the incident, officials learned that bridge jumping is popular with teens. Risky behavior or attempting thrill-seeking feats is nothing new. But the difference today is that teens are taking those behaviors to the extreme. That’s because they seek acceptance, or thrills, or believe they... 

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