Peer Triangle

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Dear Dr. Vicki, My daughter and her “best friend” are once again battling over, “She said then she said and I heard you said…” There are three girls involved and this time my daughter is odd man out. It is difficult to stand by and watch. When do I or should I intervene? Should I just let it ride its course? The one girl is ALWAYS in the center of any and every conflict. Yet... 

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What, Me Worry?

August 17, 2008 by  
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We all worry at times—some more than others. “Even children worry,” said Melbourne child psychologist Vicki Panaccione. If we let worry get out of hand, it leads to anxiety. And that can lead to all sorts of physical ailments. Panaccione says some people worry all the time. For them, anxiety becomes a way of life. These folks need therapy. Many people avoid treatment for anxiety disorders... 

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