Changes In Girls and Boys In Puberty

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Dear Dr. Vicki, I have a 10-year-old daughter who is already showing signs of puberty. Is this normal? What should I tell her? Dear Dr. Vicki, Although his friends are starting to develop, my twelve-year old son doesn’t have any signs of body changes yet. How do I explain this to him? Dr. Vicki’s advice: Puberty is an issue with which most parents experience some degree of difficulty. It... 

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Learn To Talk “The Talk”

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“Telling children about puberty and sex might be difficult for parents,” said Melbourne child psychologist, Vicki Panaccione. It could be especially difficult for parents who feel uncomfortable dealing with sexuality, let alone discussing it with a young child. However, instead of waiting for “The Talk,” sex education should start early with open, honest communication and continue... 

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Changes in Girls During Puberty

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When puberty hits, parents ask: “Who is this kid?” Ask anybody who has been through it, especially changes in girls during puberty and they will tell you: Puberty is vicious. We’re not talking about the kids going through puberty here, we’re talking about the changes that parents go through. There’s no shock like changes parents experience when their boy or girl becomes a teenager,... 

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