Life’s Most Embarrassing Moments

most embarassing moments 2

Do you remember your most embarrassing moments? I’m sure you do. Funny thing about embarrassing moments…they aren’t usually funny for the person experiencing them. And, they stay with you… not necessarily for the good. Upon recalling an embarrassing moment, many people will immediately get red in the face and feel as though they are reliving it all over again. Most of us remember our most embarrassing... 

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LOSER: Constructive Relating or Destructive Criticism

March 26, 2010 by  
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Last week, a 6th grade teacher in a North Carolina Middle School, deemed one of his students a ‘Loser’ and put his comments on her school paper. The teacher, Rex Roland, insisted that he was ‘just joking,’ and used this kind of language to ‘relate to the students.’ His supporters said that he likes to joke with students and that’s part of his teaching style. Well, writing ‘loser’... 

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