Everyone is Special

February 11, 2011 by  
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everyone is special

I believe that everyone is special in his or her own unique way. Unfortunately, while I may see the specialness in each person, I find that many adults don’t see themselves as being special at all. Here’s a case in point: I was singing in the aisle again. It’s something that I do wherever I am; I move and groove to good music whenever I hear it. This happened to be in the home improvement department... 

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Parents need to nurture their children’s talents

This baby obviously has rhythm—she’s not just moving…she’s moving in time with the beat.  So, here’s my premise:  At very young ages, kids really begin to show their personalities, talents and traits.  Your job as parents is to discover and then nurture these abilities and provide opportunities for them to continue developing.  I don’t know if this child will... 

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