Top 10 Things That Teachers Wished Parents Would Know

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Kids Are From Krypton Parents Are From Pluto Radio update July 29, 2010: You are in this together. You and the teachers are a team. Teachers want you to know that they have your kids’ best interest in mind. Speak respectfully of school, teachers and administrators. Disagreeing with something is not synonymous with talking negatively and disrespectfully about the institution or your child’s education Make... 

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Lack of Friends

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Hello Dr. Vicki: I am concerned about my son, who is 8. He does not have any friends that he plays with on a daily basis. Where we live there are only 2 boys his age (but) they are never home and do not attend the same school. He tells me that there aren’t any kids that he plays with at school. (But) I know he is well liked because when I pick him up, there are a lot of kids saying, “Hi”.... 

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Communication is key to prevention

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A day after a massacre left at least 15 people dead in Littleton, CO, behavior experts once again resorted to The List—the litany of red flags that can signal teen violence. “Unless we turn schools into airports and prisons with monitors, we can’t help but leave ourselves open to risk,” says Melbourne psychologist, Dr. Vicki Panaccione. “But the risk to kids with drastic measures... 

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