Change your child’s behavior

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Having fun learning good habits

Here’s what Dr. Vicki, The Parenting Expert, has to say: This YouTube video has some great points, and I am frustrated that they call these suggestions “sneaky strategies.”  I don’t think they are sneaky at all…but rather good, effective ways of interacting and parenting your children!  However, as a child psychologist, I am totally opposed to one of their suggestions:... 

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Parents Dealing with Teenage Behavior

How much do you like playing tug of war?         Dear Dr. Vicki:      I have a 15 yr old daughter, 12 year old son and a 9 month old little girl. My oldest daughter has always been head strong and demanding, so her teenage issues seemed like “typical” stuff. My 12 year old son who was always the laid-back/ helpful, wants to please son is now morphing into a child who is disrespectful,... 

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Snooping around in your kids’ stuff

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Dear Dr. Vicki: I had a question: I hear it’s bad to snoop. But if snooping is not the way to get information from or about your children, what is the acceptable way to get information from or about them? Cell phones, book bags, bedrooms? Dr. Vicki’s response:  Snooping is an invasion of privacy, and conveys a total lack of trust in your child. If, in fact, she has given you REASON to be distrustful... 

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Teenage Body-Piercing

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Dear Dr. Vicki, Help! My 14-year-old daughter wants to get a body piercing! I think they are disgusting! Dr. Vicki’s response: It seems that every generation has to find some “new” way to express themselves; in this day and age, tattoos and body piercings seem to be in vogue. It is important to convey to your child what your concerns are and why you are unwilling to give her your... 

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Drag Racing Rage

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Illegal street racing is as old as the automobile itself. However, because there is now more traffic, fewer stretches of deserted roads and more teens who have access to a vehicle, the stakes are higher than ever. The hard truth is that adolescent thrill seeking is not new or unusual. Teen racers are typical adolescents looking for a rush or they do it because their friends are doing it,” says... 

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